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Delivery and Returns

What are the deliviery options?

  • delivery by courier – payment on pickup

  • delivery by courier - Pre-paid with wire transfer on the bank acount details sent with e-main to the client.

Average processing and shipping time is 3 days, but might change depending on distance or order complexity.

Shipping is realised by courier company K-EX.

We have no controll over delivery time, When package leaves out store, csutomer will be informed with email with shipping details and tracking numbers.

Shipping is realised only on working days, Monday-Friday, within working hours.

What does we mean as "product return"?

In accordnace with current law, Client can withdraw the order without providing cause, within 10 days of receiving the package. The product has to be shipped back on the cost of customer, along with any receipr or proof of puchase as well as Declaration of Withdraval and Return, including any details needed to indentify the customer and retun the money. The product has to be in original packaging, andwithout any sign of use. Products that have been used, assembled, damaged, or even tested, are not legible for return.

Money will be returned within 14 days from the moment we receive the rotuct, on the bank account number indicated by customer,

The shop will not accept any shipment with payment on pickup.

The base for accepting any complaint for damages in transport is properly filled Damage Report, composed at the time of delivery, on the form provided by courier and signed by both the customer and courier. Pleas send clear scan or photo of the report by e-mail on addres provided below.

Time for the reply to the complaint is 14 days since the day it was submitted, provided it is working day. Any complaints are usually taken care as fast as it is possible.

Any withdraval or return is only posible with undamaged product and packaging, so please pay extra attention during delivery, and doccument any possible damage to package, and do not accept if packaging has been clearly damaged. In such case please follow the complint instructions above.

Gwarancja oraz prawo odstąpienia od umowy nie mają zastosowania, w przypadku, gdy produkt dotknięty jest

Complaints and returs are to be submitted to the following e-mail address: